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    Code of Student Conduct

    Pittsburgh Public Schools is committed to providing every student with the opportunity to attend school in an environment that is safe, free of violence and drugs, and conducive to learning. This goal is of the highest priority because excellence in education cannot be achieved unless schools and classrooms are safe and orderly.
    The Code of Student Conduct was developed so that all students, staff and parents of the District fully understand the expectations for student behavior while in attendance in our schools, while attending school sponsored activities or while riding on transportation systems serving our school district.

    Sexual Harassment Policy

    Pittsburgh Public Schools considers sexual harassment in the work and educational environment to be inappropriate and offensive. It will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
    This policy, adopted in May 1995 by the Board of Directors, is intended to help students and non-students recognize, understand, prevent and take corrective action to address sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature in the workplace and in instructional settings.
    This policy applies to conduct during and related to the operation of the schools, school sponsored activities, and all District business.

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