• Health Services


    Department Overview

    The Office of Health Services' goals are to provide quality services that promote, maintain, protect and improve student, employee and community health. We provide services to students that address disease prevention, health promotion and mandated service provision through the Department of Health.
    We strive to ensure that all students have equal access to quality health services, prevention education and early intervention and support to help them achieve academic success. Students enrolled in our public, private and parochial schools within City limits receive school health physicals, screenings, and related services that support health and wellness.


    1. To deliver quality services that adhere to all federal, state and local regulations while remaining cognizant of emerging needs.
    2. To promote, protect and improve the health and safety of all students through policies and best practices that safeguard our students, staff and community.
    3. To maintain, strengthen and develop partnerships that improve health and academic success.
    4. To support and join in planning worksite wellness initiatives that promote good health and prevention practices.
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